About Lounge Music for Spies

In a secret underground bunker, 143 meters below an unassuming watch repair shop, is a cozy, clandestine bar called The Firelight Lounge. It is here that our host, Pepper Greenwald, gathers the Global Underground Elite Spy Syndicate for rest and relaxation after every mission.

An international man of mystery and consummate host, Mr. Greenwald has been dubbed the second most interesting man in the world.

These songs underscore the stories that the spies bring back from their harrowing missions.

Side A

Six of One – Acoustic Arrangements

1. Rooftops – Across the rooftops, I could see the museum where the heist was taking place.

2. Fatale – She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Unfortunately, I could never trust her.

3. Now You Don’t – The cat sees the mouse. The mouse sees the cat. Somehow, the cheese is missing.

4. Morocco – I stole the microfilm, then had a delicious veggie kabob and falafel.

5. Fall – In love, or off a building. Nobody knows.

6. The Escape – It was a dangerous room. I had to dance my way out.

Side B

Half Dozen of Another – Electronified Remixes

1. Rooftops – Montmartre Remix

2. Fatale – Neo-Disco Remix

3. Now You Don’t – Sneaky Tango Remix

4. Morocco – Space-Age Reggae Remix

5. Fall – Exotica Remix

6. The Escape – Calcutta Swing Remix